The phantom leaf effect -                no physical leaves remain
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Harry Oldfield  introduces New Energy Vision  (NEV) : the next generation subtle energy software system and research tool based on over 30 years of research.
Harry Oldfield first pioneered ground-breaking research into Kirlian photography in the UK in the mid-1970s, followed by development of his inventions Electro Scanning Method (ESM), ElectroCrystals, the personal Crystal Voice, and his visioning system Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) of the 1980s, now superceded by New Energy Vision (NEV).

Harry Oldfield explains the development of his work.
“First of all let me start off with a bit of background history.
This goes back to an early time in my career when still a science teacher in the mid-1970s when I read a book called ‘Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain’ by Ostrander and Schroeder.  This was a fascinating book (still available I think on Amazon) in which I saw my first Kirlian photography pictures - wonderful, strange patterns of electrical energy coming from living things.  In the Appendix there were Russian schematics from which I was able to make my first working Kirlian camera.  At the heart of it was a Tesla coil that I found gathering dust in a laboratory cupboard at the school  in which I was teaching at the time.  I started to take my first Kirlian images and was fascinated by the phenomena later called ‘the Phantom Leaf effect’ and the differences, for example,  between junk foods and wholefoods.
A doctor at a local hospital also became interested in what I was doing and in his laboratory in the early hours of the morning we compared normal cells and cancer cells side by side with the Kirlian apparatus.  I remain very grateful to Dr Glen Rein to this very day for his insight in giving me the opportunity to enter the world of research.

I then left teaching to develop the method further but was hampered by the physical protocols of the apparatus insomuch that it only represented a three dimensional energy field in a two dimensional photographic image.

As featured in my first book, ‘Dark Side of the Brain’, I later went on to develop the first three dimensional Kirlian camera, again based on a Tesla principle where Tesla lit himself up with one of his Tesla coils and was famously photographed doing so.

This gave me the idea to scale the apparatus down and energise small objects.  Although you could see the field with the naked eye the big disadvantage in the process of taking pictures was that long exposure times and very sensitive film was required to record anything (in those days we did not have the light intensifiers and super-digital enhancement we do today).

I therefore decided to move on into another avenue that I discovered: that of lowering the voltage on the Kirlian apparatus but increasing the frequency so I could put a pulsing three dimensional electromagnetic field around an object and I would obtain my three dimensions.  However I lost a very important factor which was the light - but remembering that light also is an electromagnetic energy, and all electromagnetic energy which is not light detected by the human eye could be considered to be invisible light, then all that was needed was a directional apparatus to detect and register the field that I was putting around a living subject, in this case human beings.

In the early days I used large oscilloscopes with directional probes and it was fascinating to note that I could detect the stimulated emission of the energy field from my electromagnetic pulsing generator passing through a human being and where there was injury or pathology the field attenuated or increased in its signal output at these places.  This was later nicknamed the ‘Kirlian gun’.  I also picked up certain pulsing anomalies from the body.  These occurred, I later found out, in the positions of the chakras which I had no knowledge of at that particular time.

My invention and system went on to be called Electro Scanning Method (ESM).  We later discovered that the field could be detected by sound level meters with an adequate sensitivity and sampling rate.

Although over many years I observed many wonderful discoveries about human, animal and plant energies, I always wanted to get back to the idea of seeing energy in three dimensions, just as people with gifts of vision (or clairvoyants) reported seeing.

I reasoned that in the Kirlian photography image the quantum physical unit of energy, the electron, that produces the electro-luminescence and interfaces with the natural invisible energy of the person, animal, plant or mineral,  produces the corona discharge and the light from this which is recorded on a photo-sensitive medium, in those days film.

The common denominator here was light.  Visible light.

Also I noted that coincidentally the quantum unit of light, the photon, is about the same size as an electron.  I therefore reasoned that if I could monitor light and its changes as it moves in and out of a hypothetical field interference patterns might be detected and seen.  

To proceed on to my next invention I then had to wait until a fast enough processor became available in order to develop the first PIP program – the Polycontrast Interference Photography system.
As the above title explains, PIP detects light travelling in and out of the human or any invisible energy field. As the light interacts with this field it produces an interference effect which is detected and colour-coded with our unique program features.

You may all remember what fascinated me at the beginning of this research was the phantom leaf effect as captured with Kirlian photography where 10 to 20% of a living leaf could be removed and the missing part would be recorded in energy form in the picture, especially if the plant had been organically grown and therefore when its energy state was at an optimum level at the time of the experiment.

This was not only duplicated in my early PIP experiments, but was later to be eclipsed by human phantom limbs as recorded with the system, and later on in my psychical research work, whole human phantoms!
This system has now circumnavigated the globe when it comes to use by researchers into invisible energies.
Our latest software system, New Energy Vision (NEV), available in either NEV or NEV Professional format, is the newest version of this invention and has been completely rewritten from the base concept up to give the highest resolution and clearest pictures possible.

In earlier software versions we created a number of internal Filters, some of which were composed by myself with the assistance of some clairvoyants with gifts of vision who helped me label the interference patterns with different colours.  These colours were very close to what these people of vision saw with their own eyes. These Filters have been retained to allow for seamless transition from our older software programs to NEV.

The new system integrates with the latest Windows operating platforms for faster processing using i5 cores and  i7 cores for optimum performance (please check the specifications page for more information). One is able to not only view real-time subtle energy interaction but also post-process MPEG2 media and save NEV snapshots/videos to produce energy field recordings.

The quality of data now available for analysis due to the high resolution/frame rate and image quality is of great benefit to the human and environmental energy matrix researcher.

NEV is now our on-going platform for the future with exciting new features and developmental work in progress.”

Dr Harry Oldfield

Control of amputee
Side view : energy projection
of phantom limb
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