New Energy Vision (NEV) -
Key Features

Facility to process live-streaming HD video sources via USB/FireWire to reveal real-time subtle interference patterns not normally visible to the naked eye  

Save in either uncompressed format to retain all available data, or compressed format for easy management of files, eg:
- Capture video frames as Bitmap or JPEG images
- Record to AVI or MPEG2 format video files

 Windows Explorer-style integrated interface to intuitively manage your NEV media files from within the program

 Process existing MPEG2 video files to which one can apply the full range of the NEV imaging processes, and extract still images from the processed video-stream

 Further research facility using internal NEV filter sets

New Energy Vision Professional (NEV PRO)   -    All the above features PLUS:

 Real-time graph display for quantitative analysis

 Design and Save your own sub-sets of the NEV filters to fine-tune processing to your research needs

 Connect to View and Analyse multiple live camera streams simultaneously

 Convert existing image files applying the full range of NEV imaging processes

 Annotate, Compare and Print your NEV media files from within the program

Recommended Hardware Specification

Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 compatible
Intel i3 / i5 / i7 processor
Dedicated Graphics Card 1GB+

New Energy Vision is a very scalable application designed to run on all modern Windows PC configurations.  The above recommended specifications should be seen as a guideline for the type of system needed to maintain max-frame rate processing in a multi-tasking environment.

Camera Hardware Recommendations

New Energy Vision is a DirectShow compliant video processing system which allows the user to connect to any live-streaming video source that is registered with DirectShow eg:
- webcam cameras connected via USB 2.0
- camcorders interfacing with any firewire-to-firewire connection for live video streaming

Please Note: Most consumer video camcorders that record to an internal storage system for later playback are not capable of live-streaming.
Should you require further information on compatible cameras please contact our support team on

New Energy Vision is the premier subtle energy imaging development platform.  Researchers will find the high resolution/frame rate, image quality, and ease of use of great benefit to their work in the human and environmental energy matrix fields.

At the cutting edge of scientific research technology
NEV is the analytical tool for the 21st Century being used by energy researchers and open-minded engineers, scientists, physicians and physicists internationally.

New Energy Vision (NEV)   -  £2,950.00 GBP (pounds sterling)
New Energy Vision Pro (NEV Pro)   -  £3,450.00 GBP (pounds sterling)

includes: NEV software, security key (USB dongle), carriage, and full technical support

NEV and NEV Pro are distributed direct from our UK ‘Oldfield Light & Sound Ltd’ office only
For more information please contact:
Oldfield Light & Sound Ltd      tel: +44 (0) 1952 270980

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